We are citizens of the world

We believe in the benefits of international experiences and cultural exchange.

What's this about?

We connect Italian families and Erasmus students who are looking for an accessible form of cultural exchange. Our mission is to make the hospitality of one dinner a week an integral ingredient of any memorable study abroad experience.

The Dinehome Project

It was the desire to make international hospitality within everyone's reach that gave life to the Dinehome project in 2017. The hospitality formula that we propose to you wants to be the simplest of all and translates into dining together with an Erasmus boy (c / o an Italian family) once a week. Dinehome is first of all an adventure that requires a bit of courage, then a personal challenge, since it means getting involved, and finally a gift, in fact it will give you unforgettable moments and friendships.

Our values

Crediamo in un mondo unito
Per questo Dinehome si rivolge a tutti coloro che, come noi, amano definirsi “cittadini del mondo”.

Crediamo nello scambio tra culture diverse
Per questo Dinehome vuole essere un momento di incontro, trampolino per una crescita individuale e collettiva.

Crediamo nell'ospitalità
Per questo Dinehome nasce come un luogo di scambio gratuito di cene, perché le cose più belle non si comprano, si vivono.

Crediamo nell'avventura
Per questo Dinehome richiede un pizzico di coraggio: accogliere o andare a casa di – ancora – perfetti sconosciuti.

Meet the team

Scarlett Govoni

Management &
University student from Bologna, pathological traveller, not yet chronic, lover of art and starry skies.

Agostino Govoni

Development &
Web Design
Hôtellerie student, regular traveler, perfectionist web designer. I love having guests over for dinner. And yes, I'm always, always optimistic.

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