Your safety
is important.

Il livello di sicurezza complessivo dell'esperienza Dinehome è molto alto: da parte nostra verifichiamo ogni singolo membro della comunità mentre dipende da te usare il buon senso comune e la prudenza nel far conoscenza con nuove persone.
(in caso ti nascano dubbi siamo sempre a disposizione per chiarimenti e ulteriori verifiche)
family with Erasmus student for dinneritalian host family teaches traditional dishes to their student erasmus

Trust and respect

Every interaction we have with other human beings is based on trust. Meeting a stranger tests our ability to trust others to the maximum. Implicit trust in the rest of the human race - or most of them - is what allows us to leave our homes every morning.
It goes without saying that both as hosts and guests you want guarantees regarding the safety and quality of the experience. We know how important safety is for everyone and we take it seriously. People who want to participate in Dinehome are required to fill out an application form to give us the information necessary for the identification process. This way we make sure that you know more about your guest and what to expect. If we are not sure about an application form we ask the person to provide us with further information. All users go through a verification process in which they provide us with personal information, such as email address, phone number etc. The information we request is the information written on the registration forms. The more information we receive from you, the easier it is for us to verify you. In addition, we conduct short video interviews on WhatsApp on a sample basis.
We encourage all Dinehome users to help each other by sharing their experience and posting feedback on our Facebook page.

Your data.
Your privacy.

Our website is encrypted using the HTTPS internet protocol and don't worry, we don't misuse your data or share it with others. The information is collected in order to verify you as a user and is only shared with the person you are paired with AFTER the pairing has been made, so that we can establish a DIRECT contact. Dinehome never shares your personal information with third parties.
Dinehome protects your data
Italian host family having dinner with an international studentItalian host family having dinner with an international student


We expect Dinehome users to be honest and aware of their responsibilities both as hosts and guests. However, we encourage you to adhere to these simple precautions when meeting your family or student for the first time:
- Contact your match by phone or video call before your appointment
Inform a friend or relative of your plans and where you are going.
Remember, Dinehome is not an agency. We give you the opportunity to meet a host family or a student host. It is your job to contact your match, introduce yourself via email and arrange dinners. Each agreement is between you and the other member only. Dinehome simply facilitates the initial contact between the international student and the family.

In case you want more information, please contact the Dinehome team.

Our commitment

Members should be respectful of the guest's home and personal space. Customs and lifestyle may be different from yours and the Dinehome program can be an opportunity to see the world from a new perspective. The common trust agreement between family and student generally works very well since there is a common interest. To ensure you have a safe experience, we follow three important steps:
1. Quality
Once you have registered on our site, we do a thorough check. We check basic information such as name, address, social profiles, telephone number, ID. Each person signs up with his or her real name, just as if he or she were in person.

2. Video Inte
views We conduct short video interviews via WhatsApp at random.

3. Review syste
Each user has the opportunity to review their experience. When many users leave positive reviews, you are more confident that you can trust us and the service we offer.
international university student with Italian familyInternational student with dinehome host family
Consigli su come fare l'esperienza in sicurezza

Safety Parameters & Recommendations

To ensure you have the best possible experience with your guest, start by reading these simple tips on how to organize your dinners and interact with your future guest. Although we do our best to ensure security and quality, unfortunately fraud is very difficult to detect and SCAMs are very devious to get around screening. Be aware that Dinehome has no control over the identity or action of individuals who are users of our community. We encourage you to look for additional security resources and review the terms of service.


After a match is completed, both students and families will be invited to evaluate and review their experience. Be honest and descriptive when writing your review - everyone appreciates a sincere and reliable opinion. We are always happy to receive your suggestions! We invite you to send us your feedback and photos of your experience, as they are essential to help Dinehome grow as a credible and secure community.
reliable reviews

Do you need help?

Sei invitato a contattarci nel caso sperimentassi disguidi o avessi delle domande riguardo alla cena prima, durante o anche dopo l'appuntamento. Se hai una brutta esperienza con un ospite e ce lo segnali Dinehome contatterà sia padroni di casa sia invitato per fare luce sulla situazione e cercare una soluzione insieme.
Siamo sempre pronti ad aiutarvi.
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